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The Secret to Confidence

The Secret to Confidence

The Secret to confidenceLet’s get right to it.

Wanna know the secret to being confident? To walking tall? To speaking so people listen? To feeling and being beautiful? 

Be you.

Be fully, unapologetically, authentically your fiercely beautiful, remarkably brilliant self.

Confidence begins and ends with you, my friend.

People out there say that you have to build confidence. I disagree. I don’t believe that confidence is what we need. Confidence is just the byproduct of a sweet cocktail of self-love and setting your own rules.


the secret to confidenceThe Secret to Self Love

Listen. You don’t have to become something or someone else to be spectacular. You are unique and one of a kind. That fact alone should have you grinning from ear to ear. The world should have the privilege and honor of basking in your glory.

So, the real question we should be asking ourselves here is,“how do I learn to love myself where I am and reject other people’s pressures and expectations?”

Self-love is a lifelong journey, but there are definitive steps you can take today to get you on that blissful road.

  1. Establish a mindful self-care routine. When you prioritize yourself and your physical, mental, and spiritual needs you show love. You can check out my guide to creating a self care routine here.
  2. Practice positive affirmations. Show yourself that you have value and are cherished beyond measure by speaking kindly. Affirmations are a powerful tool you can utilized to rewrite your internal narrative. If you have never tried positive affirmations before and don’t know where to start, I compiled some of the most impactful affirmations for me to share with you. Take a look.
  3. Feed your passions. Go after the things that make your heart leap. If those things are not within reach right now, then set goals, make a plan, and GET TO IT.
  4. Stretch yourself. By placing an emphasis on personal development, you will show yourself that you are worth time and energy. Challenge yourself to be better. Invest in your future. Learn new things and visit new places. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good.

the secret to confidenceThe Secret to Making Your Own Rules

Dancing to the beat of your own drum can be invigorating, but how do we get there? I am sure you have seen those people who seem to be completely comfortable in their own skin. They speak their mind with confidence, and they have a style that is all their own. I love being around these people. When someone is completely themselves, I am instantly attracted to them. You know why? Because I crave authenticity in relationships. When you are true to yourself, 100%, that is when you shine most brilliantly. People can’t look away.

It can be really challenging to ignore the expectations of others. I get it. But it gets a whole lot easier when you realized two very important truths: 1. Most of our insecurities are manufactured to sell us products and 2. Our value is inherent and other people can’t take that away.

You are valuable and you hold a special place in this crazy beautiful world. Just remember that. What other people think doesn’t matter a much at all.

the secret to confidence

the secret to confidence5 Habits to Create Confidence

Here are just 5 habits that you can establish to help you forge the confidence you have always wanted.

1. Say yes to new adventures

Remind yourself where your heart is and what its for. Really feel that you are alive and capable of great things

2. Set strong boundaries

Use no as a complete sentence. You don’t need any negativity on this self-love train. Don’t engage in relationships and activities that do not serve you.

3. Take steps toward accomplishing your goals.

Forward motion toward the things you want and the improved and empowered person you want to become will give you a boost. Take it one day at a time and every day you will be one day closer.

4. Meet new people

Experience the joy and excitement that comes with spending time with someone new. Enjoy watching someone learn just how amazing you are.

 5. make yourself proud

You have countless strengths of skill and character. Use them to do or create things that make you feel proud. Do those things as often as possible! 

confidenceThe Secret Recipe 

There you have it!

Self-love + setting your own rules = confidence explosion

Sweet friend, you are so special. Show it off.

What sort of activities make you feel most confident? Let me know in the comments.

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Until next time, be kind to yourself. 


the secret to confidence

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