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Create Your Personal Development Plan

Personal Development PlanWhat is Personal Development?

Personal Development is the life-long pursuit of self-awareness. It’s making your dreams come true, folks!

Now, if that sounds like some self-helpy hippy stuff, that’s because it is. But it is also an enormously important part of achieving the success you want in life.

Why’s it important to have a Personal Development Plan?

Personal development requires that continual attention be paid to cultivating your own talents, sharpening your skills, and expanding your mind. Personal development requires that you be a lifelong learner. You must be a student of life, adaptable and resilient.

A personal development plan will help you direct your growth in those areas. By mapping out your path to your ideal, you are more likely to reach it.

Follow these 4 steps to get you started on your personal development journey.  I have created a free printable Personal Development Plan to help you out! Print it out and get to work living your best life <3

4-Step Guide to Creating a Personal Development Plan

personal development planStep 1: Identify your driving principles

Your driving principles, or philosophy, are the foundations on which you build your sense of self. Your guiding principles are the lens through which you see life and color how you see every action. This is your internal compass.

What principles steer you toward what you consider to be your ideal self? What motivates your actions?

Examples: religious tenets, justice, integrity, environmental protection, etc.

Write down what guides you in order to get a sense of where you are going. Your guiding principles will also serve as a check on you when your actions just aren’t jiving with that feeling in your gut of what is right or wrong or important.

Step 2: Identify Your Values in Each Aspect of Life

Our values are what we regard as important in our lives. When creating a personal development plan, it’s helpful to break down all-caps LIFE into manageable chunks. By looking at each aspect of your life individually, you can focus and really hone in on what is important to you.

Here are some aspects of life to consider:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Civic/Community

Take good hard look at each aspect of your life and consider what is important to you. If your relationships were ideal, what would they look like? Do you prefer a career that is personally fulfilling, or do you value a big fat paycheck? What do you value in your community and civic engagement?

Once you have identified what is important to you, you can start building a life that reflects those values!

Personal Development PlanStep 3: Self-Assessment

How does your current state measure up to your ideals? Is your job paying the bills, but leaving you feeling drained? Are you feeling energized by your spiritual practice? How are your relationships with family, friends, and partners?

Be honest. Note areas that need improvement as well as areas at which you are excelling.

Step 4: Goals to Reach Your Ideal

Now that you know where you are and where you want to be, you can start taking action. Set goals for yourself that get you closer to your ideal values. Check out my in-depth Goal Setting Guide to help you set goals and actually accomplish them.

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Personal Development

Keep in mind that a personal development plan does not have a specific end destination. Think of a personal development plan as a guide, a yardstick, to assess how your actions measure up against your ideals.

Your personal development is a beautiful life experiment that will evolve and morph at different stages of your life journey. Your values may change, and that is OK. Pause and take stock often and adjust your course if necessary.

Personal development is an exercise in self-discovery, and self-discovery is not linear. Learn, explore, and DO so that you can follow your heart more authentically.

How do you practice personal development in your daily life? Let me know in the comments!

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