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Welcome, sister.

If you are like me, you are the woman who’s got it all, and you find yourself feeling completely drained.

Sometimes it feels like we women hold up more than half the sky, am I right?

I’m here for you, dear friend.

I’m Kat, creator of the Gleaning Meaning blog, and I am passionate about empowering modern women to reignite the fire within their souls and reconnect with the passions that give them life.  

My husband asked me recently, “When was the last time you felt inspired?”. While it was painful to realize that I was not, at that moment in my life, feeling particularly inspired, almost instantaneously I knew the answer. I felt inspired when I empowered women and girls to better themselves and believe in their own potential.

Empowered women are a force to be reckoned with and there aint nothing better. Seeing other women stand up and claim their space and use their voice is awe inspiring. When I support and encourage women to find their voice, their passion, their purpose, I am where I am meant to be. Thus, this blog was born.

I have spent the last decade providing emotional support and empowerment to various vulnerable populations. My career choices have been fulfilling and remarkably humbling. My work is often painful, so self care – real self care that goes beyond bubble baths and sweet-smelling candles – has been essential to my survival. In this blog I will share with you only the best, most practical and effective ways to care for yourself in your daily life.

My life journey also took me to a small town in the lush mountains of Eastern Europe where I spent more than two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Using my skills of empowerment, I worked with women to take charge of their health and well-being and to reclaim their self-worth as more than the property of their husbands. I also created two weekly girls’ empowerment groups, during which some girls heard for the very first time that they were beautiful and valuable and had the power to decide their future. After following my year-long curriculum, the participants created their own democratically elected council to address issues they saw affecting their community. WOW.  I hope to use this blog to empower you be your most powerful self.

I am also a wife and mother of two children under the age of two. Tired doesn’t begin to cover it. I love my family. Full stop. I also love myself and who I am outside of my role of wife, mother, and career woman. After wearing so many hats throughout the day, self-love can feel like a challenge. Let’s be real…remembering who I am outside of my roles can feel like a challenge! Sometimes my passions feel like a distant memory amid the hectic daily grind. I have learned that loving and caring for myself  is essential to my ability to love and care for my family. My well-being is a priority and so is yours. I will share with you tips and practicable steps you can take in your daily life to realign yourself with your passions and love yourself to the core.

To learn more and join me as we experience modern womanhood with love and compassion for ourselves, click below to subscribe so you never miss an opportunity for empowerment.